Congress participation

Advise and manage all the necessary coordination when participating in a congress

From planning the event to participation, there are a lot of elements to take into account; deadlines to meet, suppliers to coordinate, and above all, pitfalls to avoid if you don’t want to find yourself under the stress of the opening day. The largest congresses are prepared more than a year in advance and therefore require rigorous organization.

To help a general audience understand complex scientific concepts, we create the following communication tools:

Participation strategy / Planning / Modeling of the stand / Coordination of services (stand design, logistics, on-site services) / Communication before, during, and after the congress /...

Branding and visual supports in line with your branding

So that your presence at an event is also synonymous with branding consistency we produce all the sales materials that accompany your stand. In addition to the modeling of the stand, we also take care of the production of interactive screens, POS, brochures, or even goodies highlighting your brand. At Biopharmark we know that visual branding is not enough and that a beautiful animation only makes sense if it faithfully represents the technological or scientific model that you wish to illustrate.

Animation / printed materials / interactive screens / brochures / goodies / ...